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Lady Gaga – OSHO – Creativity

US music star and Video Music Awards winner Lady Gaga shared an Osho quote with her fans through her Twitter.  “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”. Osho (28. August 2011). The quote comes from the introduction of Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within, … Continue reading

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OSHO Digital Spotlight August 2011

Our latest digital newsletter gives an overview of digital products and projects to connect with OSHO. You can subscribe to this newsletter here. Click image for links and details.Our

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Meditation and the Light Bulb

From the introduction to OSHO: Meditation – The First and Last Freedom  Paperback: 320 pages, St. Martin’s Griffin – ISBN-13: 978-0312336639. Available as eBook:  Kindle  Nook by Dr. Amrito Just as the science and technology that has transformed our outer lives has been largely a Western phenomenon, … Continue reading

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Five Years Osho International Video Channel

You are invited to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the OSHO International Video Channel on YouTube with a special video by Osho. In this excerpt from a press interview Osho addresses important topics of his vision which seem to match major topics … Continue reading

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July book suggestion at the OSHO Book Club on Facebook.    

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Orgasm and Meditation

The Huffington Post just published an article ” Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain” which confirms from  the world of science details about the connection or similarity between sexual orgasm and meditation.  The article refers to Osho as someone who has spoken … Continue reading

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OSHO: My Teaching is Not for Pleasure

For many people ‘enlightenment’ is a concept which is very much mixed up with religious concepts of superiority of certain people. Osho addresses some of these misunderstandings and shares his unique insights. Available for RENTAL currently USA only – other … Continue reading

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Times of Crisis are of Tremendous Significance

When we created the concept for this new book series “OSHO Life Essentials”, we had no idea that a worldwide economic crisis would shake many countries around the globe soon. When the economic bubble of “ever more and better” busted, … Continue reading

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1 Year OSHO Talks Video Translation Project

–       Silence Shared in Words – – The Osho Video Translation Project is celebrating its first year anniversary. Since its inception in June of last year, friends of Osho have completed almost 1700 subtitled translations of more than 300 … Continue reading

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OSHO: Bravo America – Glimpses of a Cosmopolitan World

Osho, a contemporary mystic has spoken on virtually every aspect of human consciousness. Available for RENTAL currently USA only – other countries will follow soon. Here Osho speaks about George Gurdjieff, mystic and spiritual teacher 1866 -1949. Gurdjieff’s last words to … Continue reading

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