Meditation – The First and Last Freedom (eBook)

A Practical Guide to Osho Meditations.  $4.99

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Meditation: The First and Last Freedom shows that meditation is not a spiritual discipline separate from everyday life in the real world. In essence, it is simply the art of being aware of what is going on inside and around us.  As we acquire the knack, meditation can be our companion wherever we are-at work, at play, at rest. Meditation contains practical, step-by-step guides to a wide variety of meditation techniques selected by and/or created by Osho, including the unique OSHO Active Meditations which deal with the special tensions of contemporary life. Recognizing that it’s almost impossible for most people these days just to stop and sit silently, these meditations – including the Osho Dynamic Meditation and Osho Kundalini Meditation – begin with one or more stages of vigorous physical activity. This brings our physical and mental energies to a peak, so that the following silence is easy — leaving us alert, refreshed, and newly energized. Meditation is the perfect text to begin or continue exploring the joys of meditation.

Video: OSHO: Meditation is very Simple Phenomenon 

Kindle (with video) includes: Excerpt from a Press interview: With Meditation Life Will Be a Sheer Joy Instruction video: OSHO Dynamic Meditation (Osho Active Meditations) Insights and shared experiences with Osho Dynamic Meditation.



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  1. kirti says:

    what is differnce between deepak chopra meditation nd osho med…

  2. Bahar Erkli says:

    …life is life,and always smile :-)

  3. Rocio Rov says:

    I would like to receive mails about Osho , I think

  4. Rocio Rov says:

    I like to receive everything that comes from Osho.

  5. kirti patel says:


  6. nanu ram says:

    Osho the enlightened mystic is the only light to remove the dark of the world .

  7. EFRAIN TIPAN says:

    Saludos, necesito el libro de meditación de Osho estoy en Quito-Ecuador

  8. Afshin Pegahifar says:


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