Lady Gaga Thinking of OSHO Tattoo

Lady Gaga-OSHO-Tattoo

Lady Gaga Thinking of OSHO Tattoo

Lady Gaga Thinking of OSHO Tattoo

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3 Responses to Lady Gaga-OSHO-Tattoo

  1. jan versteegh says:

    Imagine, you where on this world and you dit not read Osho ! He tells us where we are ! For me its the only person on this planet who says something with sense ! The Oranje Book meditations are medicine for us ! Brainwash, i love it !
    The dynamic Meditation in the morning for Western humans, easy, they just don’t do it !
    Lady Gaga, a full Kundalini meditation before you performence, 50.000 people, it would make history !

  2. marga says:

    That’s really rebillion!

  3. Buisson says:

    Many thoughts, many thinking of doing, but what about actions…

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