5 Millions Osho Video Viewings

OSHO International Video Channel on YouTube.com

New York 1. May 2009

The OSHO International video channel on YouTube.com today crossed the Five Million viewed mark. The channel provides excerpts from talks by Osho on different subjects, from meditation techniques, to politics, to personal questions as well as information about the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Most popular are videos dealing specifically with the issue of meditation; these videos are being embedded into thousands of web sites around the internet.

Millions of people, many for the first time, have the opportunity to experience firsthand a contemporary mystic at work, watching Osho’s unique way of dealing with journalists, friends and people on the path seeking to discover who they are.

Osho’s video talks are viewed and discussed around the globe and you can see our initial experiments with sub-titles in different languages
Russian, Spanish and Italian.

A worldwide multi–language sub-title translation experiment – currently in 19 languages and growing – is currently in process at:

In addition complete OSHO Talks are available on DVDs subtitled in multiple languages, by several publishing houses and licensees including:

Planeta DeAgostini (Spanish sub-titles):

ArtHouseMovies (Spanish, Portuguese, Enlish and sub-titles)
Horosho (Russian sub-titles)
Shemaroo (India)
DVDs are inserted into books by publishers like St. Martin’s Press/ Griffin.

OSHO Talk DVDs are distributed around the globe by multiple distributors including:
Barnes and Noble

Enjoy an OSHO Meditation Minute

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