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OSHO: First in the Morning — Last in the Evening

Available in Paperback and all eBook Formats – Wherever Books Are Sold While many of us might start our day with emails and news, we can easily agree that this is not be the most inspirational start of a day. … Continue reading

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OSHO: Mindfulness in the Modern World

How Do I Make Meditation Part of Everyday Life? When the mind disappears and thoughts disappear, you become mindful. What is mindfulness? It is awareness. It is perfect awareness. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BAM!,  Indie Bound, Kindle, Nook, iBook, Kobo In Mindfulness … Continue reading

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OSHO: It’s All About Change

From the Preface:
When Osho spoke with his secretary about creating a book from selections
of his talks titled, The Greatest Challenge: The Golden Future; he
gave detailed suggestions concerning subjects and issues he had spoken about
that should be included. He specifically wanted the compilation to address the
challenges of over-population and global warming, globalization and war,
poverty and ecological devastation – challenges that we face today in an
increasingly urgent way. This new edition expands on the material originally
presented in that publication. Here is an excerpt from the original notes given
by Osho:

The future should not be just a hope and opportunity; those are
just lousy words. The future should be absolutely ours – it should be a
golden future. We have lived with the idea of a golden past – which
was never golden! But we can create a future that is really golden.
Now is a great moment. We can manage to have one world. This
crisis is a golden crisis, because people change only under conditions of
such deep stress. As long as the situation is tolerable, people will tolerate
it – but now we are at a point where the situation is not tolerable. There
is no more time for commissions and their reports.
The problems are very simple. It is just that it has to be made clear
to the whole humanity that these problems are your creation, and you
are still creating them. A great awareness has to be spread: “These are
the problems you are supporting. Withdraw your support.”
And some practical steps should be taken … for example, if
someone wants to be a world citizen, the United Nations should provide
world citizen passports, not connected with any nation. Just small
steps can have a large impact immediately, they will create an atmosphere.
This crisis has been created by religions and nationalities, and it
has come to the point where they cannot exist anymore.
If anything is to be done for the future, now is the time. Otherwise
the greatest evolution of consciousness in the universe will disappear –
and that is not only a loss to the earth, but to the whole of existence. In
a million years we have been able to create some possibility of consciousness.
But now we don’t have time to wait for nature to go on
developing in its slow way. It has eternity, but we don’t have.
If we are going to solve the future and dissolve the problems, then
we have to look for the roots in the past. It is our whole past, in all its
dimensions, that has brought about this dangerous situation – and
nobody talks about that, because no generation before this has ever
bothered about the future. Man has always been living the way he
wanted, and forced each new generation to live in the same way. This is
no longer possible. We have to take a quantum leap – to teach the new
generation not to live the same way we have lived. Only then can the
future be shifted.

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Jesus: Son of God or Mystic? / Osho

Jesus: Son of God or Mystic?   What if Jesus were not a supernatural being conceived by a virgin, but a real human being who had experienced the awakening of consciousness known as “enlightenment” in the East? This extraordinary line-by-line … Continue reading

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You can experiment, yourself.
You can see from where your anger arises – it is the mind;
from where your emotions arise – it is the mind.

Mind is a big phenomenon. It covers conceptual thinking,
it covers your emotional patterns, your sentiments.

This has to be understood: emotions are in your head!
But consciousness is not in your head.
In fact, your head is in your consciousness!
Consciousness is vast, infinite.

Emotions, desires, ambitions, are in your head; they will dry up. But even when your head has completely dropped and disappeared into the earth, your consciousness will not disappear. You don’t contain the consciousness, the consciousness contains you; it is bigger than you.

It is absolutely true:
your emotions, your sentiments, your thoughts – the whole paraphernalia of the mind – is from the outside, is manipulated by the outside. Scientifically it has become more clear.
But even without scientific investigation, the mystics, for thousands of years, have been saying exactly the same thing – that all these things that your mind is filled with are not yours, you are beyond them.

You get identified with them,
and that’s the only sin.


Mind is a division which thinks,
and heart is another division of the same mind, which feels.

Feeling and thinking,
thoughts and emotions…
but witnessing is separate from both.
When you are thinking, the watcher watches… a thought is passing by, or you are feeling angry – the witness still watches. An emotion is passing by, just like clouds pass, and you see them.

You are neither the good nor the bad.
You are neither the pleasant nor the unpleasant.
You are neither the thought nor the emotions.
You are neither the mind nor the heart.

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OSHO Astrology eBook Tops Amazon Bestseller List!

  A small ‘OSHO-Single’ eBook, based on two talks by Osho on the subject of Astrology has topped this morning the bestseller charts in Amazon’s Kindle web site with two No. 1 positions in the categories of ‘Astrology’ and ‘Horoscopes’.  Kindle – Nook – Kobo – iBook

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OSHO: The Book of Children

The Book of Children Supporting the Freedom and Intelligence of a New Generation   Amazon  Kindle  Barnes&Noble Nook BAM!  BookDepository  iTunes  Kobo Children have an authentic freedom. They are joyful, playful, and naturally creative. But by the time they grow up, most children … Continue reading

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OSHO: Astrology: Superstition, Blind Faith or a Door to the Essential?

Astrology: Superstition, Blind Faith or a Door to the Essential?  OSHO Media International expanded its ‘OSHO Singles‘ mini eBook series with  an interesting new title. Kindle – Nook – Kobo – iBook In this fascinating volume, Osho reclaims astrology from the pop … Continue reading

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OSHO: Speak to Us of Love

Speak to Us of Love       Reflections on Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet Print: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  BAM!  Indie Bound  Other Sources. eBook: Kindle  Nook   iBook  Kobo  Others The basis of all our neuroses or psychoses is simple: our souls are not nourished. Love, the … Continue reading

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OSHO: Living on Your Own Terms: What Is Real Rebellion?

“Rebellion is individual, nonviolent, peaceful. It is out of love. Rebellion is not against something, but for something. Revolution is against something, but not for something. Revolution is so much engaged in being against, it forgets for what all this fuss is being made. It is anger. But anger cannot create a better society. Rebellion is not oriented against the society, but is oriented toward a new man, a new humanity. Revolution is fighting with the past. Rebellion is meditating with the future. I have said rebellion is out of love, silence, understanding, compassion–all the qualities that make a person divine….Rebellion is a spiritual phenomenon. It is not against society as such; it is simply the intelligence that shows that this society is dead, that this society is incapable of giving birth to a new human being, that it is spent, that it is almost on the verge of global suicide. It needs compassion; it does not need anger….The rebel has no enemy. He simply has a vision that the old is finished. It need not be fought against; it is dying itself. Fighting with it is to give it life. Just ignore it. It is already on its deathbed; it will die of its own accord. Don’t give it energy by fighting. The rebel can do only one thing: He can transform himself into the new man, he can become his own vision. That is the only proof that his vision is not a dream. The rebel starts transforming his vision into a reality. I want you all to be rebellious.” (pp. 7-10) Continue reading

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