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Lady Gaga: I Read Osho Because I Love His Work

Creativity and rebellion go hand in hand for American singer, song writer and pop icon Lady Gaga. Arriving in India for the inauguration of a big Formula One motorsport event she was warmly welcomed and available for TV and the press. … Continue reading

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OSHO: If You Love this Planet, Absolute Birth Control is Needed

We Are 7 Billion People — Now What?                             While we read everyday devastating news about climate change, water shortages, wars and famine, very rarely the finger is … Continue reading

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OSHO Mobile Applications

The first OSHO Mobil Apps have entered the digital market place. Top seller is the OSHO Zen Tarot app, a digital version of the international bestselling tarot deck is a popular download on iTunes and Android. The digital version allows complete tarot readings in multiple layouts and forms. … Continue reading

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