OSHO Video Distribution – Cinetic Rights Management

OSHO International and Cinetic Rights Management (New York) entered into an agreement for the digital distribution of a series of OSHO Talks titled ‘OSHO Emotional Wellness’. The programs consist of daily talks by the contemporary mystic Osho. CRM distributes content via its FilmBuff label to all of the leading online portals including iTunes, Hulu, Amazon VOD and Netflix. The FilmBuff channel is available to millions of cable subscribers through CRM’s video-on-demand partnerships with major cable operators. In addition, CRM distributes films to digital outlets throughout Europe.

Osho talks, widely popular and published as books in 58 languages, are now made available through original video recordings.

Osho’s vision of a meditative lifestyle is a profound influence in the science of consciousness and integrates awareness into daily lives. His unique approach has influenced millions of people and is based on the understanding that humanity is at a critical point where a jump in consciousness is not only in necessary but also possible. These revolutionary videos take us away from old ideas and create a space where we can effortlessly enjoy a silent and aware mind.

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