OSHO Radio Station – 24/7 OSHO Talks (English)

OSHO Radio English Station

OSHO International announced the launch of its 24/7 English language radio station – Radio.OSHO.com – broadcasting talks by Osho in English language. ‘OSHO Talks – Silence Shared in Words’ allows worldwide and around the clock access to the recorded meditation talks by the contemporary mystic Osho.

The idea to this channel originates with Osho when during his so-called “World Tour” twentyone countries denied Osho access and the international media (remember the internet and 24-hour-news-channels did not exist at the time) did not allow Osho much access to the public.

“…We will need our own media, our own agencies, our own publications to inform you.…We may need our own radio station somewhere, …because these people are going to be cutting off all sources, so that I cannot reach the public.” 

[Osho, Light on the Path, #28]

With its launch the channel makes Osho’s prediction come true that “I can even speak after my death”

“I have not said anything to you, although I have been speaking for thirty-five years continuously. And as long as I live – or even a few minutes afterwards – I am going to speak. If I see the moment when there is still an opportunity for someone to be involved in the universal madness, I can even speak after my death, it doesn’t matter. … One thing is certain: whether I live or I die, my every gesture, my every word has a single purpose – to help you get rid of knowledge, to help you to become again a small child with eyes of wonder and a heart which cannot believe! – wildflowers, clouds in the sky, the sun rising and all the colors that the rising sun spreads over the horizon! This amazement is the authentic religious element, and if you can keep this amazement fresh without being covered by any experience and dust, you have attained that which was your birthright – what I have called enlightenment.

[Osho, Om Mani Padme Hum #19]

The OSHO Radio station draws from the large digital archive of recordings of OSHO Talks created over the years in high quality.  The channel program consists of complete series of OSHO Talks– as spoken by Osho.  These talks can also be downloaded from www.osho.com/audio


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  1. prakash wahurwagh says:

    i hope someday we would be able to hear osho on radio just like any other radio anywhere in the world and people would by their choice and comfort would play it and enjoy……………..with great grattitude and love for u all who made this happened.

  2. Sumeru says:

    I hope it will happen

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