Re-Print, Licensing and Publishing Permissions for OSHO Content

Re-Print, Licensing and/or Publishing Permissions:

OSHO International receives many request for publishing of  copyrighted material including, excerpts,reprints, images, quotes, audio and/or video and music.

Osho’s works and additional works by OSHO International Foundation       are copyright protected  under international copyright law and cannot be used without explicit permission from the Foundation. Please follow the copyright link for more information: OSHO Copyright. If you have questions re Copyright, please check available resources like or consult an expert.

To make this process as easy as possible, we’ve set out below requirements to be fulfilled before we can consider a permission of any kind.

How to apply:

1. Who Are You?: Send us your full name, address and contact details which we need for a formal permission. Write to:

2. Language: Please write in English – we don’t always have people available to translate foreign languages.

3. Required Material: Please send us the exact material for which you are requesting permission, whether for text, images, audio, video, music etc.  This can be a legally published book – provide all details – or an official OSHO International publication of a work or web source. We accept only authorized publications as sources. Materials you may have found randomly on the internet are not accepted as sources for permissions. If you don’t know from where material is sourced, please go to and do the necessary reserch yourself. This library gives you the original source name.

4. Publishing Details Required: Please provide us details regarding where you propose to use the content you have requested including book title, article, publication, web site. For use in books or magazines also include the following: Publisher’s name, publication date, retail price of your work, print run or other publication details.

5. Context: Please give us details regarding the context in which the Osho material is to be used, including a clear outline and description or samples of your work so that the context of use becomes clear.

6. Author Name: Osho material can be published only under the name “Osho” – no former name, no title, just ‘Osho’, this in accordance with his request and instructions.

7. Specific Questions: for any other questions regarding publication matters please contact us at





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