Lady Gaga – OSHO – Creativity

Lady Gaga reads Osho "Creativity - Unleashing the Forces Within"

US music star and Video Music Awards winner Lady Gaga shared an Osho quote with her fans through her Twitter.  “Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence”. Osho (28. August 2011). The quote comes from the introduction of Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within, by Osho.

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4 Responses to Lady Gaga – OSHO – Creativity

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  2. Neetuvohra says:

    Death thrust befor life begin osho

  3. Tarika says:

    Truth rises, stars shine, the Gateless Gate celebrating forms coming and going, Osho speaks of totality….AH…THIS! The Universe is singing a song….Never born, never died. Osho Beloved, finger pointing to the moon…I breathe you.

  4. prabesh hanjabam says:

    Like osho thinkings

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