Now or Never! – It’s All About Change

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AllAboutChange-OSHOIntroduction by John Andrews, M.D., M.B., B.S.M.R.C

This small book is unashamedly addressed to the intelligent people of this threatened planet. It is one man’s vision for a viable humanity; it is one man’s diagnoses of the psychological and social  sicknesses that divide human beings, within and without, into warring factions. In this selection of texts from his talks, Osho outlines the changes he sees as critical if there is to be any future – and in particular, the golden future he knows is within our grasp. The fact that the very survival of the planet is at stake is doubted
by no one – yet, nothing changes. Every attempt to turn away from greed and exploitation, and build a sustainable future, is with met with resistance at every turn – and nothing changes. That we are sacrificing the very existence of the most beautiful flowering of this universe in childishly immature conflicts is widely understood – yet nothing changes. That action is needed now, is accepted by global experts everywhere – and nothing changes. The clock keeps ticking, and the news keeps repeating itself, and even worsening… War, famine, AIDS … chemical weapons, holes in the ozone layer, nuclear weapons … global warming, overpopulation, loss of species… greed, violence, economic meltdown… The tragic fact is that if the intelligent people of the earth don’t stop this process, just who do they think will? The people in power, who currently benefit from today’s insane world? The same tired politics, institutions, churches and “masters of the universe” who got us into this mess in the first place?  It is now or never. It is time for the intelligentsia everywhere to raise its voice against all these stupidities.

In this book, Osho offers a unique perspective on change – where it has to come from in order to be effective, why our efforts to bring about change have failed in the past, and what to expect by way of opposition  from those whose interests are in maintaining the status quo. And he lays out a series of proposals for the practical steps we must take if we are to truly begin to heal the wounds of the planet, and build a new foundation
for creating a paradise – right here, right now – on earth. Many of his proposals are radical – these are radical times, and they call for radical solutions, It is not a question of whether you agree with Osho or not, it is a question of having the guts to ensure that at least his contribution is on the agenda. If the ideas are obviously wrong, then it will be easy to point out how and why, and we can all learn in the process. If the ideas are right, then we will need to find the courage to say so.

Time is running out, and everything we love is at stake. Pretending you didn’t hear a word is not an acceptable excuse. This planet is the inheritance of every one of us. Either we all benefit or we all lose – it is one earth, and one humanity. It our search for survival we must leave no stone unturned. We must examine every option openly, honestly, without prejudice, without superstition, without bias – in fact, simply and scientifically. Osho’s vision is one set of options you will find nowhere else. If it should turn out that we do lose this planet without having thoroughly investigated every avenue before us, Homo sapiens will have been the misnomer of the universe.


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