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You can experiment, yourself.
You can see from where your anger arises – it is the mind;
from where your emotions arise – it is the mind.

Mind is a big phenomenon. It covers conceptual thinking,
it covers your emotional patterns, your sentiments.

This has to be understood: emotions are in your head!
But consciousness is not in your head.
In fact, your head is in your consciousness!
Consciousness is vast, infinite.

Emotions, desires, ambitions, are in your head; they will dry up. But even when your head has completely dropped and disappeared into the earth, your consciousness will not disappear. You don’t contain the consciousness, the consciousness contains you; it is bigger than you.

It is absolutely true:
your emotions, your sentiments, your thoughts – the whole paraphernalia of the mind – is from the outside, is manipulated by the outside. Scientifically it has become more clear.
But even without scientific investigation, the mystics, for thousands of years, have been saying exactly the same thing – that all these things that your mind is filled with are not yours, you are beyond them.

You get identified with them,
and that’s the only sin.


Mind is a division which thinks,
and heart is another division of the same mind, which feels.

Feeling and thinking,
thoughts and emotions…
but witnessing is separate from both.
When you are thinking, the watcher watches… a thought is passing by, or you are feeling angry – the witness still watches. An emotion is passing by, just like clouds pass, and you see them.

You are neither the good nor the bad.
You are neither the pleasant nor the unpleasant.
You are neither the thought nor the emotions.
You are neither the mind nor the heart.

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