OSHO International
410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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F. +1.212.658.9508

e-mail: oshointernational@oshointernational.com

OSHO International in New York is the international publishing and licensing headquarter for works by Osho and Osho International Foundation.

OSHO International represents all works by Osho as a literary agency, and administers the worldwide rights for the foundation in more than 80 countries and 60 languages.

Re-Print and Publishing Permissions for OSHO Content

We publish an imprint OSHO MEDIA INTERNATIONAL

Osho’s extensive works cover the areas of meditation, body-mind-spirit, philosophy, contemporary social issues, comparative religion and spirituality – but from a radical, deconstructionist, yet totally creative, perspective seen no where else. In addition Osho International, New York develops packaged illustrated titles, gift items and multimedia products including audio books and video titles.

OSHO International is represented on all major book fairs around the world. You ca arrange meetings with us at these fairs.

The Osho archive is the largest recorded collection of talks from a contemporary mystic. The Sunday Times, in the UK has describes Osho as one of the “makers of the Twentieth Century” – and the archive comprises seven thousand hours of audio and video recordings, published as 350 separate book titles.

In addition there are several hundred unique pieces of Osho Art, meditation techniques each with their own music, and a further archive of music created by musicians inspired by Osho’s vision.

The company publishes the OSHO.com website in English and several other languages. The website provides a searchable database of Osho’s original transcribed talks, a comprehensive description of the programs and facilities of the OSHO Meditation Resort in Pune, India, contact information for Osho meditation and information centers worldwide, samples of audio and video talks, and descriptions of meditations and meditative therapies developed by Osho.

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