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July book suggestion at the OSHO Book Club on Facebook.    

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Orgasm and Meditation

The Huffington Post just published an article ” Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain” which confirms from  the world of science details about the connection or similarity between sexual orgasm and meditation.  The article refers to Osho as someone who has spoken … Continue reading

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OSHO: My Teaching is Not for Pleasure

For many people ‘enlightenment’ is a concept which is very much mixed up with religious concepts of superiority of certain people. Osho addresses some of these misunderstandings and shares his unique insights. Available for RENTAL currently USA only – other … Continue reading

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Times of Crisis are of Tremendous Significance

When we created the concept for this new book series “OSHO Life Essentials”, we had no idea that a worldwide economic crisis would shake many countries around the globe soon. When the economic bubble of “ever more and better” busted, … Continue reading

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