Times of Crisis are of Tremendous Significance

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When we created the concept for this new book series “OSHO Life Essentials”, we had no idea that a worldwide economic crisis would shake many countries around the globe soon. When the economic bubble of “ever more and better” busted, the international drama which unfolded also had a balance, allowing a larger number of people to have a look at essential issues in their life. Suddenly the thousands of questions Osho responded to are more ‘essential’, contemporary and timeless than ever. This series is becoming an international top selling line of Osho books already licensed into multiple languages.

The first 4 books in our 10 title series are now in print and the titles for two more are just finalized for 2012. Each book deals with a selection of questions and Osho’s full responses on one important subject area. Each book is released with a DVD of an OSHO Talk, allowing a direct experience of seeing and listening to Osho .

  • Destiny, Freedom and the Soul: What Is the Meaning of Life?
  • Fame, Fortune, and Ambition: What Is the Real Meaning of Success?
  • Innocence, Knowledge, and Wonder: What Happened to the Sense of Wonder I Felt as a Child?
  • Power, Politics, and Change: What Can I do to Help Make the World a Better Place?
  • The Journey of Being Human: Is It Possible to Find Real Happiness in Ordinary Life?
  • Belief, Doubt and Fanaticism: Is It Essential to Have Something to Believe In?

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Osho encourages all of us to enquire, to ask questions because they can trigger a transformation process: “How do you ask a question which can be meaningful not simply intellectually but existentially? Not just for verbal knowledge, but for authentic living? There are a few things which have to be remembered: Whatever you ask, never ask a ready-made question, never ask a stereotyped question. Ask something that is immediately concerned with you, something that is meaningful to you, that carries some transforming message for you. Ask that question upon which your life depends.

Don’t ask bookish questions, don’t ask borrowed questions. And don’t carry any question over from the past because that will be your memory, not you. If you ask a borrowed question, you can never come to an authentic answer. Even if an answer is given, it will not be caught by you and you will not be caught by it. A borrowed question is meaningless. Ask something that you want to ask. When I say “you,” I mean the you that you are this very moment, that is here and now, that is immediate. When you ask something that is immediate, that is here and now, it becomes existential. It is not concerned with memory but with your being.

Don’t ask anything that once answered will not change you in any way. For example, someone can ask whether there is a God: “Does God exist?” Ask such a question only if the answer will change you – so that if there is a God then you will be one type of person, and if there is no God you will be a different person. But if it will not cause any change in you to know whether God is or is not, then the question is meaningless. It is just curiosity, not inquiry. So remember, ask whatever you are really concerned about. Only then will the answer be meaningful for you.”

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Well put, sir, well put. I’ll cretianly make note of that.

  2. Atmo says:

    It’s really tremendous. !!! well placed…………..severely knocked by it.

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