1 Year OSHO Talks Video Translation Project

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The Osho Video Translation Project is celebrating its first year anniversary. Since its inception in June of last year, friends of Osho have completed almost 1700 subtitled translations of more than 300 Osho Talks in 59 languages!

Thank you to everyone – more than 500 translators and transcribers – who have participated in making the Osho proposal available to people from around the world

If you’re new to the Osho Talks Video Translation Project and would like to learn more about how you can participate please view the videos from the links that follow:           OSHO TALKS Video Translation ProjectOSHO TALKS Translation Tutorial

We are celebrating this anniversary with a new Live Event video from the series

The End of the World – The Golden Future

This Osho Talk will be available on our Facebook page and our Osho International YouTube Channel

  • Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
  • 5.30 PM (London Time)
  • 12.30 PM (New York)
  • 09.30 AM (Los Angeles)
  • 10:00 PM (India)

12 subtitle translation are already in process for this talk. Join us and share this information and video link on your personal blog and social networks.

There are many more Osho videos to be translated; so while we are all ecstatic at what has been accomplished to date we all know that there is a long way yet to go. And it’s all done                                            with love, laughter and a deep sincerity.                                            There is no need to be a professional translator; fluency in English and in your mother tongue is all that’s needed.  And it is all happening on-line, very easy, simple and great fun. There is a choice of a variety of videos, very short ones minutes long, medium sized, between 20 and 50 minutes or so and even full OSHO TALKS, some more than 2 hours.

Again, a big thanks to everyone who has been involved to date, and for those who have not yet jumped in we always have room for many more people who would like to support Osho in making his words, wisdom, humor and silence available for this generation and generations to follow.

“One thing I can say, that whatever I am saying is going to become the future philosophy, the future religio of the whole humanity; and you are blessed to be co-creators in it.” – Osho

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