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Europe’s Highest Court Confirms OSHO Trademark

EU General Court confirms OSHO Trademark of OSHO International Foundation Twenty seven years after his departure, the contemporary mystic Osho, know through his many books and world-wide-known meditations, made again history, this time in a European court, the highest court … Continue reading

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398 Osho Publishing Agreements Signed in 2013! “I believe and trust absolutely in existence. If there is any truth in what I am saying, it will survive. I will remain a source of inspiration. I want people to know themselves, … Continue reading

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People About OSHO

“The Occupy Movement? Occupy yourself. What is this preoccupation with protesting and hacky sack? Stop. Just stop. It’s not the way to do it. You gotta occupy yourself. Get into people like  Osho.  Lady Gaga is running around talking about Osho. Brilliant. … Continue reading

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German Singer Nena Loves OSHO Meditation Book

The Orange Book -Edition OSHO In a personal of BRIGITTE (No.5/2012), Germany’s largest Women Magazine, Nena, one of the most successful singers in German music history introduced the readers to the THE ORANGE BOOK, by Osho,  a very popular meditation book, describing OSHO meditations, … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Thinking of OSHO Tattoo

creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence – osho Continue reading

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