German Singer Nena Loves OSHO Meditation Book

The Orange Book -Edition OSHO

In a personal of BRIGITTE (No.5/2012), Germany’s largest Women Magazine, Nena, one of the most successful singers in German music history introduced the readers to the THE ORANGE BOOK, by Osho,  a very popular meditation book, describing OSHO meditations, including the ‘OSHO Active Meditations’ which made Osho famous around the world

Nena, a German singer and actress who rose to international fame with the New German Wave song “99 Luftballons” / “99 Red Balloons” stated in a 2009 interview with the German Süddeutsche Zeitung  “I am an Osho-Fan. Two, three years ago I discovered him for me. I love to read his books and can find myself there”. Her 2009 music video “Wir sind wahr” (We are truth) featured the OSHO Dynamic Meditation in an aesthetic and artful way.

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