OSHO Dynamic Meditation (Pay Per View)

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is an Osho Active Meditation and a revolutionary meditation method for contemporary people.  Developed by Osho, this meditation has transformed the life of millions of people providing a special environment to experience totality and transformation, including a special space to consciously go mad, allowing yourself a space to come in contact with strong emotions like anger and fear. This process is a deep cleaning of your unconscious and a refreshing workout for body and soul. The meditation lasts 1 hour and is in 5 stages supported by specifically designed music. It guides us from high activity to an experience of absolute silence. This pay-per-view service by YouTube is currently available in: USA, Canada, UK and Japan, other countries to follow. $0.99 / 7 days.

This 24 min video includes:   Preview excerptsYouTube Preview Image
– the introduction to Osho Dynamic Meditation
– the instructions to the different phases
– the understanding
– the insight
– and the sharing of participants and facilitators

To watch this Pay-Per-View video you need to pay via Google Checkout.                Video Location at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtgaZS1fh-A.              Also available as DVD.

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One Response to OSHO Dynamic Meditation (Pay Per View)

  1. om chitkara says:

    Dynamic meditation is a complete package for
    healing & up-liftment of body,mind n soul..
    a big thank u OSHO!!

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