EMOTIONS – Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

EMOTIONS: Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

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Strong emotions that we don’t know how to handle effectively lie at the core of so many difficulties in the life of the individual. They can affect our relationships with loved ones, and how we function in our work. They play a profound role in how we feel about ourselves, and can even affect our physical health. And we are too often trapped in the dilemma of “expression” versus “repression.” Expressing our emotions can often hurt others, but by repressing them – even in the benevolent guise of “self-control” – we risk hurting ourselves. Osho offers a third alternative, which is to understand the roots of our emotions and to develop the knack of watching them and learning from them as they arise, rather than being “taken over” by them. Eventually we find that even the most challenging and difficult situations no longer have the power to provoke us and cause us pain.






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5 Responses to EMOTIONS – Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

  1. Asgerdur Maria Holmbertsdottir says:

    Why is it not available as just a book for people like me :-(

  2. Austin says:

    Thank you for the Insight. It’s really transformative.

  3. pratheesh nair says:

    its make great feeling..

  4. sreejesh chandran says:

    really wonderful and sensible…whn the observer is observed

  5. kishan says:

    I would love to read it. When it is available as a book?

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