OSHO Singles – Igniting Individual Intelligence – $0.99 eBooks

OSHO Media International released a new publishing program for short eBooks by the contemporary Mystic Osho.  The first ‘OSHO-Singles’, are released at $0.99 and cover important, hot, provocative and always timeless subjects. The new books are derived from Osho’s daily talks to international audiences and friends. He describes the purpose of his talks as igniting individual intelligence. “…whatever I am teaching goes against everything that you have been taught. And you have been taught things for so long that you have forgotten completely that they are questionable.” Each of these small eBooks by Osho is a match to ignite this intelligence. Osho Media announced that the list of titles will grow quickly and books will be made available for multiple eBook reading devices and application formats.

Why Is Love So Painful? and: real and false masters, stop playing games, the right education.

Bringing Up Children about the right way to help a child grow without interfering in his natural potentiality

Watchfulness, Awareness, Alertness  exploring higher states of consciousness

Love and Hate: just two sides of the same coin

The Miracle of Meditation

The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master

The Philosophy of Nonviolence: about turning the other cheek

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