Pillars of Consciousness Meet Pillars of Fashion

Pillars of Cosnciousness and FashionA new article by the Daily Mail, presents actor Jaden Smith and his sister Willow, the children of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Smith, as teenage style icons. Jaden is shown in multiple photos with a book by Osho under his arm.

“Jaden carried with him a copy of the book The Pillars of Consciousness by mystic and spiritual leader Osho. The book explores the four major streams of Eastern wisdom – Buddha, Zen, Tao and Tantra. Osho is renowned not only for his wisdom, but his ability to bring a deeper understanding of complex philosophical concepts using humor and the art of storytelling. By reading the book Osho promises that it will ‘pave the way for readers to be as Buddha said, a light unto yourself’. Why Jaden was bringing the enlightening book to dinner with him still remains a mystery…”            – Daily Mail

Images (c) IXOLA/AKM-GSI


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