OSHO: Hsin Hsin Ming: The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness

Series: OSHO Classics, Paperback: 260 pages, Publisher: Osho Media International
Language: English, ISBN-13: 978-0983640097;  9780880503464

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CoverUnderstanding our minds and consciousness are topics high on everybody’s list of important issues. Science and psychology are delivering every day captivating news of understanding in this area. 

In this extraordinary series of talks, Osho lays out a clear understanding of the difference between mind and consciousness, and the role that the brain plays in the two – a difference that Western science has been struggling to define for decades, but that Zen has known for centuries through first-hand experience. Along the way he also sheds light on the differences between meditation as practice and as a state of being, and what choiceless awareness really means in everyday life and relating.

Osho relates to a classic Zen work, Hsin Hsin Ming, Verses on the Faith-Mind by Sosan [Seng-t’san] which is considered to be the first Chinese Zen document. It is extraordinarily straightforward in its message, cutting straight to the point of where it aims to take the Zen experience – to a state of thought-free awareness in the present moment

“If I were to save only two books from the whole world of the mystics, one would be Sosan’s Hsin Hsin Ming,” Osho says. “It contains the quintessence of Zen, the path of awareness and meditation…the very soul of Zen.”

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