OSHO: ABC of Enlightenment – a spiritual dictionary

A Spiritual Dictionary

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The inner world needs its own vocabulary, and Osho is a master of creating a language to describe experiences of the inner world that is simple, unpretentious and clear. ‘The ABC of Enlightenment’ is not just a dictionary but a book on life itself. It contains concise quotes by Osho on a large variety of topics. For those who are unfamiliar with him, this is an easy introduction to his way of life and also an entertaining reference book. From ‘Absolute’ to ‘Zen’ Osho is never at lack of profoundness and both traditional and contemporary issues are redefined and reinterpreted for a contemporary understanding.

Publisher: Osho Media International

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11 Responses to OSHO: ABC of Enlightenment – a spiritual dictionary

  1. Mahsa says:

    Amazing! Please send us the price details. Thank you.

  2. T G ANIL KUMAR says:

    It seems to be good book pls mail price details

  3. behaylu says:

    how can i get one if it is ave-label in my counter Ethiopia ….i love and truest osho …his is my true muster …i have his two books by the titell yoga and woke with out feet think with out mind and fly with out wing ….i love this books so much i go though them 8 and 5 times respectively ….u now i rely love to have this dictionary if it is possible if ….so send me how ….to go though this book ……how to get it if possible

  4. Lourdes Escobar says:

    Sounds so good!!!! Please email the price, and where can I get it!!! Thank you.

  5. Parag says:

    Wishing all of you Happy OSHO Addiction..!! Great book to know Oneself !!

  6. Santosh Prajapati says:

    Every time something new we get from Osho’s spiritual treasure. This time a dictionaray; a spiritual dictionary. Great.

  7. Khongkrit Kangsawiwat says:

    Pls send me the book price and how to order it by mail.
    Thank you very much.<3

  8. laxmi shah says:

    where in mumbai can i get these books ? the address on your site of OSHO GLIMPSES does not exists any more…plz update and let me know

  9. nebiyu says:

    i like it bt its so funnnnnn

  10. brenda says:

    en bolivia donde puedo conseguir esta enciclopedia o solo es virtual?

  11. RAJA says:

    i want buy this book so give its complet information

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