OSHO Live Event: One On One With Osho

OSHO International http://www.osho.com announces the next broadcast of its Facebook / YouTube Event :  One on One with Osho: The World Is Just a Playground

WHEN? Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 at 5.30 PM (London Time ), 12.30 PM ( New York), 9.30 AM (Los Angeles), 10:00 PM (India )

WHERE? On Facebook, on the OSHO Fan Page: http://facebook.com/osho.international

– Join the other 200,000,000 fans on the OSHO Fan Page for this event.
– RSVP to this invite from Facebook UPDATES [under messages tab] .
– Invite & share with your Facebook friends
In partnership with dotSUB.com, One on One with Osho will have sub-titles in ENGLISH and multiple other languages!

The OSHO Zen Tarot is available:
OSHO Zen Tarot for iPhone: http://tiny.cc/jveeq
OSHO Zen Tarot for Android: http://tiny.cc/easo2
OSHO Zen Tarot — print edition: http://tiny.cc/ug5w5
The history of the OSHO Zen Tarot: http://tiny.cc/hgtdk

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  1. Have you thought about adding some videos to the article? I think it might enhance my understanding.

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