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German Singer Nena Loves OSHO Meditation Book

The Orange Book -Edition OSHO In a personal of BRIGITTE (No.5/2012), Germany’s largest Women Magazine, Nena, one of the most successful singers in German music history introduced the readers to the THE ORANGE BOOK, by Osho,  a very popular meditation book, describing OSHO meditations, … Continue reading

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OSHO Dynamic Meditation (Pay Per View)

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is an Osho Active Meditation and a revolutionary meditation method for contemporary people.  Developed by Osho, this meditation has transformed the life of millions of people providing a special environment to experience totality and transformation, including a special space … Continue reading

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OSHO: The Tantra Experience (eBook)

Evolution through Love Kindle,  Nook,  iBook, Kobo ISBN-13: 9780880503211, Osho Media International Paperback edition “The days of tantra are coming. Sooner or later tantra will explode for the first time in the masses, because for the first time the time is … Continue reading

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OSHO: The God Conspiracy (eBook)

eBook $4.95: Kindle, Kindle (with video), Nook, iBook   Print Edition: Paperback                                Promo Video From Superstition to Superconsciousness While Nietzsche’s declaration that “God is dead, therefore man is free” was an … Continue reading

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OSHO: Ancient Music in the Pines (eBook)

In Zen Mind Suddenly Stops eBook $4.99  Kindle  Nook  iBook  Sony  Kobo Today, humanity is caught up in the mad complexity of the mind, and as never before, there is an urgent need to rediscover simplicity and innocence. Osho brings to life the inherent … Continue reading

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OSHO: What is Meditation? (eBook)

WHAT IS MEDITATION? eBook $4.99 Kindle  Barnes&Noble iBook  The question is answered here in 38 ways — irreverent, provocative, insightful, profound. Those who have avoided meditation because it seems too serious and holy might enjoy discovering it can be “Fun.” The resolutely … Continue reading

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OSHO Media International eBOOKS

A selection of OSHO eBooks is now available at a price point below $5.00, title published by OSHO Media International. These books are available in multiple eReader formats. If you have not yet decided to start your personal eBook library of exciting OSHO books, … Continue reading

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EMOTIONS – Freedom from Anger, Jealousy & Fear

OSHO eBooks below $5.00: in multiple eBook formats:  Kindle,  Kindle (with video),  Nook,   iBook,  Kobo Strong emotions that we don’t know how to handle effectively lie at the core of so many difficulties in the life of the individual. They can affect our relationships with … Continue reading

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